New To Vaping

What is vaping?

E cigarettes and vaping have been around in the UK since 2006. A tiny computer chip and sensor in the e cigarette or vaping device heats up a liquid mix of nicotine, water and glycerine. When the solution evaporates, it creates a vapour that you suck in through the mouthpiece and exhale. The vaporisers are refillable with liquids and e juices that come in a huge variety of flavours - we stock 22 different ones in our main range, as well as a changing selection of some of the tastiest guest juices around.

Are there any health risks? 

We stock only premium grade liquids and hardware from the UK and the US suppliers who have a responsible approach to sourcing only the best quality products. We choose liquids with natural ingredients where possible. Both the liquids and the hardware undergo extensive testing and research before they are sold to the public. E liquids and juice products do contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance and can be fatal if consumed incorrectly. None of our products are suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Please note that you should fully read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before making any purchases from Vapour Style.

Will vaping help me give up smoking?

Although in the early days of vaping it was marketed as an alternative to smoking, now vaping is also a popular pastime in its own right. Some people do find vaping helps them give up cigarettes because it creates the same sensation of inhaling and exhaling smoke, and because you control what you put into your vaporiser, you can gradually cut down the nicotine and any dependency on it. To emulate a cigarette it is best to use a MTL device. 

What should I buy?

If you are new to vaping and you have smoked we would suggest a MTL kit with one of our Vapour Style liquids, this will vape a bit like a cigarette. You can find the device under Hardware - Starter Kits in the menu, the liquid can be found under Liquid Brands - House Liquids in the menu. 

What does it all mean? 

MTL - Mouth to Lung 
Describes the way a device vapes in the same way you would smoke a cigarette, first you draw the vapour into your mouth and then you take back the vapour with a second inhalation. 

DL - Direct to Lung
Describes the way a device vapes that has lots of air flow, you inhale the vapour with a long, deep breath directly to you lungs.  

VG - Vegetable Glycerine
One of the base ingredients of e-liquid that gives a liquid its thickness and clouds, the higher the VG content the thinker, smoother and more vapour a liquid will make. 

PG - Propylene Glycol
The other base ingredient in e-liquid that binds to the nicotine and flavouring, the more PG the better the throat hit.  

Ohms - resistance of the coil
The lower the resistance in the coil the hotter it will burn. Coils below 1 Ohm are best suited High VG liquids (above 60% VG) and typically found in DL devices. Coils above 1 Ohm are better suited to to thiner liquids (below 50% VG) and typically found in MTL devices. 

Short Fill 
A large bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid that is filled short from the top making it Nic Shot Ready

Nic Shot Ready
A large bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid that is Short Filled to make space for the addition of nicotine shots. See Hardware - D.I.Y - Nic Shot in the menu for info on mixing.