About Vapour Style, vaping and our ethos

We opened our vape shop for discerning vapers who require the best quality liquids and e-juices sourced from the UK and the US. We also have an extensive range of vaping hardware.

In Victorian times, smoking was seen as a pleasurable and social pastime enjoyed by gentlemen of good taste. That’s why we chose to open our shop in Crowborough, home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the famous pipe smoking detective Sherlock Holmes while he was living here. You’ll find a touch of good old-fashioned Victorian sophistication at Vapour Style, mixed in with some of the finest vaping liquids and the newest hardware on the market. 

Why are we different?

At Vapour Style, we want you to enjoy the quality of the vaping experience. We only stock premium grade products from the UK and the US suppliers. We felt that a lot of the flavours and mixes out there lacked the unique and refreshing tastes we were after, so we’ve spent a lot of time sourcing our range of handcrafted tinctures and liquids produced in small batches, for a more satisfying and natural vape. 

We like you to take the time to sample our different ranges, and enjoy helping our customers to discover the blends that best suit their tastes. At our iPad stations instore, you can browse through all our products over a complimentary coffee, and you can try out any liquid or vaporiser before you buy to make sure it’s right for you. We share tips on how to adjust your hardware to create the best vaping experience for you and just like the Victorian smoking parlours of old, there’s a friendly community of vapers on hand for you to enjoy the social side of vaping too.